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  • 💰Trigger Warning: Monopoly is becoming a movie

💰Trigger Warning: Monopoly is becoming a movie

PLUS: Amazon is going all-in on AI

Happy Friday, creatives!

Short news today.

Monopoly might be headed to the big screen.

Threads appears to be hemorrhaging.

Oh, and Amazon’s CEO says the company is all in on AI

Get out there and make something new.



Are architects bad at business? What if they don’t have to be?

Oh, and we’re getting a stream from the stars — NASA+ is expected to debut later this year.


On this day in 1901, old Satchmo himself, Louis Armstrong was born. Celebrate by watching Ken Burns’ Jazz documentary.

Like I always say, creativity is also about preservation. That’s true in the case of the discovery of a “winged Medusa” mosaic in Spain.


Who do you think would play a good Monopoly man?

Well, Hollywood directors at Lionsgate are going to have to answer that question, presumably.

Lionsgate has acquired Entertainment One's (eOne) TV and film operations from Hasbro for approximately $500 million, including a content library of 6,500 titles.

“Lionsgate’s management team is experienced in entertainment and adept at driving value, and we’re glad to have found such a good home for our eOne film & TV business. We look forward to partnering with them, especially on a movie adaptation of Monopoly,” Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks.

“Every one of our teams is working on building generative AI applications that reinvent and enhance their customers’ experience.”

That’s Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy.

Amazon's generative AI projects range from cost-effectiveness and streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences.

So does this mean that AI will soon be writing and maybe generating your new Prime Video show?

Does this mean you’ll soon be chatting with an AI about returning that bike you had to assemble yourself that then disassembled itself?


Constant change.

It’s the name of the social media game.

So which platform do you want to build an audience on?

Threads, a Twitter alternative, experienced a rapid decline in daily active users (DAU) and engagement since its launch.

According to Similarweb, Threads' DAU dropped from 49 million to 9.6 million just after two days of launch.


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