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  • ⚡️Scientists create robot based on ancient starfish ancestor

⚡️Scientists create robot based on ancient starfish ancestor

PLUS: Art in America's 'Collaborations'

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A team of engineers and paleontologists has created a robotic mimic of an extinct ancestor of modern starfish called Pleurocystites.

Pleurocystites lived about 450 million years ago during the Paleozoic era and is thought to be one of the first echinoderms capable of free motion.

The robot was designed based on an analysis of the fossil record and computer modeling, with soft appendages made of silicone and elastomers and a shape-memory alloy for the robot's "tail."

Various trials were conducted to determine the optimal design elements for the robot's motion, revealing that side-to-side stem motion likely propelled Pleurocystites in a brachiole-forward direction.

The resulting robot closely matched the proportions and movement of the fossil record, shedding light on Pleurocystites' locomotion.

While the robot provides insights into the extinct creature's movement, it has limitations, and more research is needed to fully understand how Pleurocystites lived and moved.

The study represents a blend of paleobiology and bioinspired robotics and may have potential engineering applications for combining soft and rigid robotic components.


Art in America’s Winter 2023 Issue - 'Collaborations':

Art in America’s Winter 2023 issue is dedicated to the theme of 'Collaborations'. This timely issue was released just in time for Art Basel Miami. Unfortunately, detailed content about the specific features or collaborations highlighted in this issue isn't readily available, but the focus on collaborations suggests a diverse and engaging exploration of artistic partnerships​​​​.

Classic Arts Events in New York City:

  • The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players are presenting a revival of the comic opera 'Patience'.

  • Teatro Grattacielo is performing Spontini’s opera 'La Vestale', in honor of Maria Callas's 100th birth anniversary.

  • The American Ballet Theater concludes its fall season with programs including works by Balanchine and Ashton.

  • Performances by the Baroque ensemble Apollo’s Fire and the New York Philharmonic feature Handel’s oratorio 'Israel In Egypt'.

  • Carnegie Hall hosts a range of performances, including those by Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Lisa Batiashvili, and Gautier Capuçon, as well as the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir.

  • The Metropolitan Opera presents a marathon reading of 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X', preceding the opera 'X: The Life And Times Of Malcolm X'​​​​​​.

Vevo's DSCVR Artists to Watch for 2024:

  • Vevo's DSCVR Artists to Watch program, now in its 10th year, has selected 19 emerging artists for its 2024 lineup. These artists will benefit from a showcase platform featuring live performance videos and promotional opportunities across Vevo’s network, including YouTube and various connected TV platforms like Roku, Samsung TV Plus, and Apple TV.

  • Some of the artists included in the 2024 list are Chappell Roan, Elmiene, Florentina, Fridayy, and HARLEY. This program has a history of featuring artists who later became superstars, such as Sam Smith, Billie Eilish, and Lewis Capaldi.

  • Vevo's initiative demonstrates a commitment to discovering and promoting diverse and talented emerging artists, helping them gain global recognition​​​​​​​​.

Decentraland Music Festival 2023:

  • The Decentraland Music Festival, hosted by the renowned web-based platform Decentraland, is a notable event featuring digital native performances and music revolutions. Scheduled to run from November 16 to November 18, 2023, it promises an immersive virtual music experience.

  • The festival boasts a lineup of over 80 performances by innovative artists and independent labels on five main stages designed by top-tier virtual creators. The lineup includes artists like Trick Daddy, Trina, Sebastian Mikael, and Cora Novoa, among others.

  • Beyond standard concert experiences, the festival includes interactive activities like virtual music jamming sessions, collaborative art projects, and digital raves​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Smithsonian American Art Museum's Time-Based Media Art:


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