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  • ⚡️One presidential candidate has an AI clone now

⚡️One presidential candidate has an AI clone now

PLUS: Threads rolls out -- how's it being received?

The Precap

Happy Friday, creatives!

Hope you’re having a great time, livin’ it up.

So. Threads is happening. It’s been pretty big. Pretty lively.

In other news, we’ve got AI joining the presidential race.

At the same time, we’re covering the bumpy road ahead for Apple Vision Pro’s release.

Not only that, but an epic way of using plastic waste as an art form.

All that — plus, we’re going live in just a few minutes.

Tune in!

Trends & Changes


It’s all the rage. Without all the outrage. (Right now, anyway.)

It’s where all the cool kids hang out.

Perhaps not everyone agrees — FOMO-resement being a powerful force.

Ultimately, Threads operates much like Twitter.

Perhaps too much, seeing as how Elon Musk is threatening to sue over it.

And, along with that, Jack Dorsey seems unhappy that people are cloning his child.

The vibes do seem pretty good on Threads at the present moment.

And hopefully it stays that way.

With Elon’s aim to reinvent Twitter into an “everything app,” and Zuckerberg turning Facebook into Meta and flirting with reinventing reality via the Metaverse, these two tech titans have their eye, it seems on centralizing the internet.

If the internet is the Wild West, we may be pressing on to a new era — the story of How the West Was Won.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is still on its way, if not with some difficulty.

Recently, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman unveiled exciting new details about this highly anticipated product. Here's what we've learned so far:

1. The Head Strap

Designed for ultimate comfort and stability, the Vision Pro boasts a unique head strap that supports the display perched on your nose. Fastened securely at the back of your head with a sleek dial, this ingenious accessory ensures a snug fit during your immersive experiences. Although there's debate about whether it will be included in the box, the headset's exceptional balance might render it unnecessary.

2. Evolving Design

Gurman reveals that Apple is continuously refining the head strap's design. During initial testing, Apple identified that individuals with smaller body sizes and heads may experience discomfort after prolonged use. In response, they are developing a second strap that rests across the top of the user's head. While the final design remains under wraps, this enhancement aims to address any fit-related concerns.

3. Global Availability

While the U.S. launch is slated for early 2024, Apple's plans for international release are still being fine-tuned. According to Gurman's sources, the UK and Canada are likely to be among the first international markets, followed closely by Asia and Europe. However, discussions are ongoing, and final decisions are yet to be made. Apple's dedicated engineers are also working diligently to localize the device for France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro, it's important to note that precise international release dates beyond the U.S. remain uncertain. Though the end of 2024 is mentioned as a potential timeframe, we can only hope for an earlier launch in countries like the UK.

A PAC has created an AI bot in the likeness of a presidential candidate to answer questions for potential voters.

The AI is based on Francis Suarez, former Mayor of Miami and Republican candidate for the White House.

Not only that — but when it’s time to trade barbs with opponents, such as Ron DeSantis, an AI version of the candidate appears to declare that the greatest threat to America is Mickey Mouse.

You’ll just have to see it. 

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Plastic waste turned into art?

Riley's thought-provoking sculptures that transform salvaged plastic into modern-day scrimshaw art.

Drawing inspiration from the history of whaling and the current climate crisis, Riley carves incisive allegories and ornamentation onto discarded household items like laundry detergent jugs and flip-flops.

Through his warm and grainy beige creations, Riley challenges unchecked consumption and highlights the impact of plastic pollution on our environment.