The art of lateral thinking

This is Taking It Laterally, a newsletter about creativity and ideas from Clayton J. Hester shares food for thought about the arts, intellectual history, and innovation.

Hey folks!

My name is Clayton, and I’m fascinated by creativity as an idea itself.

This is an umbrella under which a lot can happen.

What you have with creativity is both an art and a science.

With regards to the choices and expression you are able to act out, it’s an art.

In relation to the techniques and systems that are conducive to successful creativity, it’s a science.

And it has been studied by great minds like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Gerard J. Puccio, and Roger Firestien.

Creativity is about honing skill and intuition.

It’s about a willingness to think about things both mundane and ridiculous.

This is the stuff that builds great punchlines and cityscapes.

It’s what allows us to write spellbinding novels and find suits that go with bolo ties.

Join me, and let’s take a hands-on approach as we think through creativity.