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  • ⚡️AI CNN? This company is out to build it

⚡️AI CNN? This company is out to build it

PLUS: AI companies are coming together for security

Good Wednesday morning to you, creatives!

Words of caution — directed at Sam Altman and Worldcoin and all the people he’s got scanning their eyes.

We’re taking a look at the concerns about the security around their use of biometrics.

Meanwhile, the big AI companies are joining together to help secure the future of the sector.

Plus, one company is working to build personalized newscasts via AI.

And we’re taking a look at the new text-post feature from TikTok.



Ready to scan your eye?

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Sam Altman’s Worldcoin.

How to get yourself a Worldcoin, you ask?

By scanning your eye to get your World ID, thereby getting “AI-funded (universal basic income).”

Worldcoin says they delete the biometric data once its collected to confirm you’re a human being.

This hasn’t set all minds at ease, though.

Vitalike Buterin, the godfather of crypto and founder of Ethereum, suggested there were substantial issues with the company’s security.

Edward Snowden also objected to the company’s use of biometrics when the project was first announced.

So… the dawn of UBI? Or, the rise of a technocratic dystopia?

Can’t wait to find out!

AI Armistice

It’s the biggest crossover since Endgame, at least.

In a significant move for the AI industry, four influential companies have come together to form the Frontier Model Forum.

OpenAI, Anthropic, Microsoft, and Google's DeepMind aim to ensure safe and responsible development of cutting-edge AI models.

The goals of this team?

  • promoting research in AI safety

  • setting standards for model evaluation

  • encouraging responsible deployment of advanced AI

  • engaging with policymakers and academics to address trust and safety concerns


If you’ve ever wanted to micro-blog on TikTok — and boy howdy, by the way some people use on-screen text, I’d sure say there’s a market — now’s your time.

Taking a cue from rivals like Meta's Threads and aiming to challenge Twitter's microblogging stronghold, TikTok now allows users to post text updates alongside videos and photo series.

These text posts come with a visual flair reminiscent of Instagram Stories, offering users the option to customize background colors, text appearance, and even add music and stickers to their posts.


The localest form of news?

News that’s tailored to you.

Channel 1 News, a startup led by producer and director Scott Zabielski and tech entrepreneur Adam Mosam, is set to revolutionize the news industry with its innovative approach to delivering personalized content through generative artificial intelligence.

Their mission: to make the news experience more personal, tailored, and engaging for every individual.

What’s more — they want to recreate events where cameras weren’t present.

Mosam compared it to courtroom sketches, representing the action at the time as closely as possible.

But, making sure everyone is well-aware this is only a recreation.

Stories will be sourced from verified and reputable sources while using large language models to write their scripts.

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