You’ve been there before.

You’re walking across the carpet and, by the time you touch the door knob, you feel a ZAP!

The static electricity built up in you has just been released.

That’s where the Spark happens between you and the door knob.

We build up static in the process of letting our curiosity run wild.

Then, all that static comes out as a new Spark.

The Spark is about that sweet spot where curiosity and creativity meet.

It’s where your brain starts to electrify and you know a big idea is on its way.

It just so happens that this Spark - this ability to put the pieces together and create something new - is the most valuable skill for any professional today.


We all have to solve problems.

And we all have to create.

Building things is both a source of endless joy and a survival skill.

Creativity is the essential asset, making everyone today, by necessity, a “creative professional.”

So what’s it take to get ahead?

How do you sharpen this skill?

The Spark is a newsletter all about creativity - all about turning you into a cutting-edge creative.

Because the world neds creatives like you.

We live in a world of ideas.

From the newsmakers to the titans of history, there are countless role models, waiting to inspiration and inform us.

The Spark takes a look at the science and stories of creativity so our readers can see the world as a more creative place.

Whether we’re analyzing the implications of the AI revolution, or we’re diving deep into the history of how bicycles evolved, or we’re sharing theories about lateral thinking, the Spark aims to drive the conversation about intentional creativity forward.

Our pledge is make you see things with fresh eyes.